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TCP Smart WiFi Portable Free-Standing Oil 9 Fin Radiator 2kw White

TCP Smart WiFi Portable Free-Standing Oil 9 Fin Radiator 2kw White

VAT Included

TCP Smart Wi-Fi Portable Free-Standing Oil-Filled Radiators.  Available in White and Black.  Exceptional design quality and thermostatic temperature control.  Available in 1500w, 2000w and 2500w sizes.  Lightweight, silent and portable.  Complete with castors so the radiator can be moved from room to room.  The Smart features allow for full voice via Alexa and Google.  Direct control via the TCP Smart App and set schedules and times remotely.  Save money by efficiently heating the room and not the home. Portable space heater.

  • Info

    •    9 Finned Radiator
    •    Fittings and Castors Included 
    •    2 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee (T&Cs Apply)
    •    Electronic Thermostat Control
    •    Light Weight & Portable
    •    Automatic turn off if tipped over
    •    3 Heat Settings; 800w Low, 1200w Medium & 2000w High  
    •    Works via the TCP Smart App
    •    Voice Control with Alexa & Google Home
    •    Set Timers 
    •    Height 635mm, Width 410mm, Depth 245mm
    •    Weight 8.1kg

    Software Support Period End Date 31.3.27.

  • Cost to Run

    Cost to run (rough guide)

    Based on the average tariff of 34p per Kilowatt per hour


    Heat the room not the home


    HIGH Heat 2.0kw - 68p per hour 

    MED Heat 1.2kw - 41p per hour

    LOW Heat 800w  - 27p per hour 




    A typical Gas combi boiler is 24kw using a average Gas tariff of 12p per kilowatt per hour, estimated £2.88 per hour.


    (size of the house, radiator valve settings, boiler settings, and boiler age can affect the figure above but as a rough estimate around £2.88 to heat the whole home for an hour using a combi boiler)


    Average Tariffs set to increase in April 2023!

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