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  • Remotely control via a smartphone app.

  • Set schedules.

  • Compatible with smart speakers for voice control.

  • Dimmable.

  • No HUB required, just Wifi.

Step into the world of smart lighting with the TCP Smart range of light bulbs. Control them remotely via an app on your smartphone, and set schedules, and they work with smart speakers for voice control too. Be welcomed home on dark winter nights with the automatic sunset function.

SAVE with TCP Smart Lighting

  • up to 80% saving if you are replacing a halogen or incandescent bulb with LED Smart.

  • Never leave the lights on again, turn off via app or voice, or schedule always to go off at a certain time.

  • Be welcome home with light, set the porch light to come on automatically when dark.

  • Save by dimming your hall lights automatically from a certain time.

  • Change your light to suit your task, set it to cool white daylight light for working, studying or reading with.

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