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Simple to set up and saves you money!
Save money by switching off your home appliances when not in use!
Control by mobile phone or smart speaker.

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saving money with smart plugs

smart plugs


This clever new plug wants to save you money on your electricity bills

We are all trying to figure out easy ways to reduce our regular outgoings. But many of us don't realise how much cash could be saved just by making ordinary household technology and appliances a little smarter - with very minimal upfront costs.

So we're not talking about spending thousands on the best new smart fridge or throwing away every inefficient device in your home, but rather adding some smart plugs to minimise the energy wasted by technology left on standby (or even that lamp you always forget to turn off!). You can then control your electronics using just your phone, or a smart speaker if you want to dive further into the automated homeworld.

According to research by Ocean Finance, enlisting smart home products in the fight against rising bills has the potential to save you more than £400 over just two years, with smart plugs just one of the quick, inexpensive fixes available. 

Energy Saving Trust -  Quick tips to save energy at home - Energy Saving Trust

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Using Smart plug to set timers and schedules
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